Composing & Recording

Composing & Recording


“Where words leave off, music begins.” – Heinrich Heine



QRNT – Allein Zuhaus

Here is my latest set, recorded for the quarantine podcast series of our collective ZIRKULATION.

Zirkulation Tape

Here is another recording from last year.



Master of Disaster

In the following a song that I have composed together with a friend. Originally it should serve as background music for a short film, but also as an independent song it creates a groovy atmosphere.

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The enthusiasm for music has been with me for a long time. Music has the incredible ability to transmit emotion, through pure hearing it is possible to sublime or express fully one’s own emotional state. However, that was not enough for me. Back in the days I wanted to write down or produce emotions myself, inspired by film. Today I’m playing the music that expresses my emotions the most at some venues in and around dresden, as RADIO RAINBOW.

In 2018 I founded the collective ZIRKULATION with some friends from Dresden and since then we are organizing various events in and around Dresden.



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